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Our Story

A morula is a crucial stage in the development of an embryo, just as each stage of a biotech or clinical trial project is crucial. To ensure that the project progresses and grows successfully, careful planning, organization, and attention to detail are required.


We were born out of frustration with working in multiple global CROs. There was a disconnect between the experience promised to clients and the experience delivered, and we aim to bridge this. Our customers want personalized experiences, and we can deliver. In medical writing, personnel experience matters more than the corporation’s size.

Our main strength is our ability to assign medical writing teams to projects that suit our client's needs, based on the writer’s expertise in:​

Document Type

Therapy area 

Regulatory agency

Team Project

Our Team

Morula Health has a team of 30+ medical writers with extensive regulatory writing experience. We assign writers based on their project-specific expertise to ensure high-quality services.

Our team benefits from the ability to work independently whilst still receiving comprehensive support from our in-house project management team.

The diverse experiences, backgrounds, locations, and languages of our global team allow us to provide a tailored project team that can meet your medical writing needs and fully support your team.


Our writers are assigned to projects they have a genuine interest in, which ensures they are motivated and dedicated to helping your project team. We refer to this as a ‘Win-Win-Win’ - satisfied clients, engaged writers, and successful partnerships.

Team Expertise

84 document types

35+ therapy areas

73% hold a PhD

10+ years experience

Our Values

Our values

Our Commitment

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